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Executive Team

Dr. Eric Rosenberg

Executive Director

Led by Dr Eric Rosenberg, Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center is committed to delivering high-quality, patient-focused services to communities across Albuquerque, and in the surrounding region.

Eric and the executive team are building on the Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center’s proud history of clinical expertise, research excellence and quality care to shape healthcare into the future.

With a strong commitment to excellence, Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center is at the forefront of research and innovation, education and most importantly, healthcare.

Sarah Forrest

Deputy Executive Director, Performance, Innovation and Implementation

Sarah Forrest is responsible for supporting and leading the wider Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center Executive team and more than 100 multidisciplinary staff to provide life-saving treatment to thousands of people each year.

Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center provides a wide range of world-leading clinical services, alongside cutting-edge research and innovation.

Sarah Forrest, alongside the entire Executive Leadership team, actively demonstrates and encourages the values of respect, teamwork, compassion, high performance and integrity to all staff.

Jonathan Cox

Executive Director, Allied Health Professions

Led by Jonathan Cox, Allied Health Professions encompasses audiology, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, orthotics and prosthetics, physiotherapy, psychology, rehabilitation engineering, social work, speech pathology, and other health professionals including the clinical multimedia unit and the indigenous hospital liaison service.

The dedicated and multi-skilled team provides clinical, education and research services across the Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center. A high-level priority for the service is the implementation of early intervention strategies to improve ongoing patient care and wellbeing.

Dr Anthony Jennings

Executive Director, Cancer Care Services

Led by Anthony Jennings, Cancer Care Services at Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center, leads the way in multidisciplinary care and planning, and is committed to providing expert care to patients receiving treatment for a range of cancers.

The multidisciplinary teams of Cancer Care Services encompasses medical oncology, haematology, bone marrow transplant and radiation oncology, and cares for all patients within these essential departments.

With a strong focus on teaching and research, education is also provided to all levels of cancer care staff including allied health, radiation therapy, nursing and medicine.

Robin Denton

Executive Director, Critical Care and Clinical Support Services

Led by Robin Denton, Critical Care and Clinical Support Services (CC&CSS) provides comprehensive treatment to patients through several vital departments including Intensive Care Services, Hyperbaric Medicine, the Skin Integrity Service, and level 1 Specialist Outpatient Services.

CC&CSS is also home to Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center’s Emergency and Trauma Center (ETC), one of the busiest providers of trauma and accident care in Albuquerque.
CC&CSS plays a major role in research and education programs for health professionals within its specialist areas.

Abhishek Ratta

Executive Director, Internal Medicine Services

Led by Abhishek Ratta, Internal Medicine Services (IMS) provides comprehensive clinical services across 16 speciality areas—including cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology, thoracic medicine and pharmacy—and sees approximately 35,000 outpatients each year.

The reach of IMS services is extensive with referral services for hospitals and medical practitioners reaching throughout Albuquerque, and New Mexico.

Additionally, IMS has a major role in undergraduate and postgraduate education programs for health professionals.

Associate Professor John Trentini

Executive Director, Medical Services

Led by Associate Professor John Trentini, Medical Services supports Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center in all aspects of medical administration.

Encompassing the Center for Medical Officer Recruitment and Education (CMORE), Chaplaincy Services, Emergency Management and Business Continuity, and the Medical Administration team, Medical Services provides a critical role in managing and coordinating medical appointments and allocations, credentialing and privileges, medical administration training and education, chaplaincy, emergency management and business continuity and medico-legal services.

Medical Services is committed to the highest medical professional and Medical Administration academic standards, business continuity and resilience, all while ensuring the best standard of clinical care across Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center.

Kirsten Murphy

Director, Nursing and Midwifery

Led by Kirsten Murphy, Nursing and Midwifery Services manages and leads the Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center nurses and midwives to create the best possible health outcomes for patients and the wider community.

Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center employs more than 300 nursing and midwifery staff across a range of departments each delivering world-class patient-centred care.

Nursing and Midwifery Services focuses on maintaining, developing and enhancing the high professional standards for which ‘Royal’ nurses and midwives are renowned.

The service provides education, research and workforce planning support, enhancing the ability of nurses and midwives to provide patient-centred care in fast paced, demanding environments.

Dr Michael Whittle

Executive Director, Surgical and Perioperative Services

Led by Dr Michael Whittle, Surgical and Perioperative Services encompasses 11 surgical specialities, Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine, operating rooms and perioperative services. It provides inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory services to patients throughout Albuquerque and surrounding regions.

Surgical and Perioperative Services have a strong commitment to research and education as well as multidisciplinary care of patients to optimise surgical outcomes.

A/Prof Lena Johansson

Executive Director, Women’s and Newborn Services

Led by Lena Johansson, Women’s and Newborn Services provides a wide range of healthcare services to women and their babies in Albuquerque. The dedicated team has an impeccable reputation for providing quality care, research and education and has established Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center as a premier center for obstetrics, gynaecology, gynaecology oncology, maternity and neonatology, which is renowned for its specialist care of premature and sick newborn babies.

Subspecialties of the service have grown to include areas such as maternal fetal medicine, obstetric medicine, paediatric adolescent gynaecology, reproductive endocrinology, various models of care including midwifery group practices, breast health, telehealth, and trophoblastic management.

William Lowe

Hospital Finance Manager, Financial Services

Led by William Lowe, Financial Services provides financial support and management across Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center, to facilitate its continued commitment to sustainable healthcare. The service line encompasses the immediate Financial Services team, in addition to business managers across all internal service lines.

Financial Services is responsible for budget finance management, performance reporting, planning and asset management, while maintaining a strong focus and commitment to collaborative relationship building with both internal and external parties.

John Osborne

Facility Services Director

Led by John Osborne, Facility Services encompasses the areas of facilities, projects, relationship, contract and operational management. This service line plays a key role in the management of buildings and staff located throughout Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center including administration, building and maintenance and various other non-clinical and clinical areas.

Facility Services is an essential area of engagement, management and connection with various parties that operate within Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center.

Dr Stella Nash

Executive Director Research Services

Led by Dr Stella Nash, Research Services encompasses Research Governance services. The key purpose of the service line is to encourage, facilitate and report on research at Saint Elizabeth Seton Medical Center.

Research Services incorporates its philosophy of emboldening exploration and innovation in its everyday business.

The service line works to increase research capacity, capabilities and outputs, to improve processes for higher quality outcomes, and to strengthen and develop invaluable research partnerships.

Our Mission is to provide quality, compassionate care to the people of Albuquerque & New Mexico